Getting cured of hepatitis C has has never been easier. For a specialist opinion on the new medicines, make sure you check out the 'professional opinion' video directly below. You'll hear Greenlane Liver Transplant Unit specialists Ed, Victoria, and Bridgette, discussing just how effective these new medicines are. And they should know, they've been collectively working on the front lines of Hepatitis C treatment in New Zealand for decades. But don't just take their word for it, in the cured videos on this page you'll hear from people once very unwell from hepatitis C, now completely cured after taking the new medicines and enjoying a new lease of life.

Treatment works, its really well tolerated and there's close to a one hundred percent chance that you can be cured and never have to think about it again. So why wouldn't you?

I was told to get my affairs in order because they couldn't see me living past christmas, I never expected there would be a cure.

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I'd carried that virus for 45 years practically and I'd thought, it's going to kill me in the end

Six million hepatitis C viruses! That sort of blew me away thinking about all the little monkeys in there chewing away at my liver.

We used to feel so old. I was an old woman married to an old man and this was not good. Now I feel like we've got long years ahead of us.